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About Us

Intrigue Media Group (IMG) is a multi-faceted strategic communications agency based in Atlanta that provides PR and reputation management services for clients in the arts, culture, lifestyle and entertainment industries.  We deliver expert counsel and support to individuals / organizations who aspire to become the leaders in their fields by helping them to engage their target audiences and expand their brands through media, events and valuable relationships. Our roster of clients includes entrepreneurs, celebrities, schools and non-profit organizations. Comprised of a talented and diverse core of team members, we work collectively to integrate our areas of expertise and ensure that every client receives a uniquely customized strategy to achieve their set objectives.  Our passion and focus is working together with our clients to make their visions a reality.

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Why Intrigue?

Since our inception in December 2014, Intrigue Media Group has established powerful relationships with many of the nation's premier media organizations as well as figures in leadership positions across multiple industries. Our strength lies in our vision, creativity, exceptional customer service and our ability to generate results that can be leveraged in a multitude of ways. 


We understand the competitive nature of the business world where everyone is vying for the spotlight. We also recognize that success is not contingent solely upon what you know, but who you know. Intrigue Media Group prides itself on being able to effectively navigate the newsroom and the boardroom. Through research, strategy and relentless work ethic, our dynamic group of professionals can identify the best methodology to convey our customers’ messages and connect them to the right people. With us, you are in good hands.

Our Services

Media Relations

The outreach we conduct on our clients' behalf to engage editors, reporters, journalists, producers, etc. Our relationships with media professionals across the country enable us to have important conversations and to position those we represent in a favorable light through interviews and press coverage.

Community Relations

The outreach we conduct on our clients' behalf to engage editors, reporters, journalists, producers, etc. Our relationships with media professionals across the country enable us to have important conversations and to position those we represent in a favorable light through interviews and press coverage.

Corporate Relations

Working to establish and sustain meaningful relationships with companies that align with the values and strategic interests of our clients. The focus is leveraging the power of the company and the client in a way that effectively helps both sides to achieve their goals and objectives.

Image Consulting

We advise our clients on their personal and professional image - helping them to enhance their appearance, behavior and communication to ensure that they are presenting themselves in ways that accurately reflect their values, missions and goals.

Brand/Reputation Management

The work we do to successfully showcase and articulate our clients' brand in order to shape public perception and solidify a powerful and respectable reputation. This involves direct communication with the client's audiences, addressing criticism and assessing public feedback.


Based on our clients' goals, our team will devise a comprehensive plan that pinpoints how they can generate favorable results that will strengthen their reputations, increase their public profile and brand awareness.


Our team will craft the necessary communications to introduce the work, opinions or goals of our clients to various publics, such as media, non-profits, schools and corporations . This includes written work such as press releases, media advisories, letters, newsletters and speeches.

Event Planning

We support our clients in the planning of various events, assisting and guiding them throughout the process from conception to completion.

Event Booking

We identify business and social events for our clients to attend, where they can be positioned for networking and paid opportunities as speakers, panelists, presenters and performers.

Red Carpet

Opportunities are secured by our team for clients to appear on red carpets at high profile business and social events. We accompany clients to these events to ensure that they can benefit from interviews with media, networking and opportunities to gather photo and video content that is of value to their brands.

Behind-The-Scenes Content

We live in a world where content is king. During interviews and public appearances, we will assist our clients by capturing photos and video of them in action so they can share it with their audiences on social media and other digital platforms.


We stay abreast of what is happening in and around our clients' industries so that we can stay ahead of the curve. This allows us to develop ideas, create impactful strategies and launch powerful campaigns.

Social Media Support

Our team can assist clients by implementing a strategy for their social media accounts, and advising them in the process of gathering and publishing attractive and meaningful content to share with their audiences.

On-Site Support

During in-person interviews and appearances at events, we appear with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and the right connections are made.


Dr. Paul Miller, Principal/CEO of Green Tech High Charter School - Albany, NY

I’ve been working with Intrigue media group for almost 4 years now and we have been able to work together to accomplish amazing results. I have had a lot of opportunities over the years and I truly believe the support of intrigue has been part of the success.


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