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Defy Gravity International is a powerful movement and global community that unites visionaries, entrepreneurs and creatives from all backgrounds who desire to fulfill their purpose and bring value through massive societal impact. This is not your average movement, rather one for those who think BIG…for dreamers, go-getters and disruptors who aspire to rise above mediocrity, achieve personal and professional greatness, and shape history!

Through motivation, education, mindset development and success training, Defy Gravity programming empowers entrepreneurs, professional adults and youth (ages 8-18) to overcome any obstacles that could potentially hinder them from realizing their gifts, activating their purpose and launching towards their maximum potential. Powered by Founder and CEO Ivan Thomas – “Mr. Defy Gravity” – and a passionate and accomplished cabinet of leaders and change-makers from various fields, Defy Gravity desires to be the most influential motivational movement in the world.


To date, the organization has reached thousands of professionals and youth through its rapidly expanding platform reaching national and international markets. Mr. Defy Gravity and his team appear at empowerment and entrepreneur conferences, community events, churches, schools and institutions of higher education to inspire audiences to dream, acknowledge their own genius, and to recognize their roles as the leaders of today and tomorrow. Defy Gravity is aggressively seeking to impact 1 billion people across the world, helping them to overcome obstacles and launch their dreams into outer space!

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