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Ivan Thomas

Ivan Thomas

Passionate Chonvill

Passionate Chonvill is or Marketing Manager who is considered a marketing mastermind. Passionate has worked in the industry for over a decade. Passionate is a professional marketing and branding coach and the CEO of PMC Marketing, a marketing agency based out of Atlanta, Ga. She has worked with multiple luxury brands and corporations, including Moet, Hennessy, Dove, Pepsi, Cadillac and Saks Fifth Avenue...to name a few! Passionate firmly believes in creating trends, not following them, and has created many training tools to help brands elevate sales growth and volume. A true believer of the law of attraction and the importance of mindset, Passionate is also a ghostwriter for many successful authors and enjoys writing motivational, inspirational and spiritual books.


Ivan Thomas is the President and CEO of Intrigue Media Group and a highly sought after entrepreneur, celebrity publicist, author and speaker. Over the course of the last decade, Ivan has worked with and represented many of the nation's top companies and individuals - helping them to garner media coverage, establish powerful collaborations and ultimately solidify their positions as leaders in their fields.


Among those he has worked with have been Nielsen, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Ursula Burns (former CEO of Xerox), Actor Darrin Henson, rapper/actor Waka Flocka Flame, Rev. Jesse Jackson, multi-platinum producer and entrepreneur Kevin "Khao" Cates, Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt, music mogul Devyne Stephens, rapper Supa Peach and many others.


Jessica Lake

Jessica Lake is our Social Media Manager. She is a Georgia State 2020 Grauduate that enjoys finding solutions and works well in groups. She's been with IMG for 2 years now.

Rick Landry

 Rick Landry is the Executive Assistant to our CEO Ivan Thomas. He has been with IMG for 4 years. He understands the importance of organization, strategy and dedication for each and everyone of our clients.