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Average is boring. Average is stressful with very little reward. Yet, many people are confined to living an average life because they don't know how to think and act bigger. All they are left with is that annoying word they have failed to live up to....potential. So, how do you take your life and your lifestyle to the next level? By blaming yourself and taking ACTION with proven methods. Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within is a straight-forward and honest guide for those eager to tap into their gifts and embark on the journey to personal and professional greatness. Entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals of all backgrounds are encouraged to throw away the excuses and take a closer look in the mirror for self-analysis, and to develop the mindset and habits required to achieve massive success. While many books on success and personal development suggest that people focus on obtaining something they don't already have, Ivan Thomas emphasizes that people should look inside to summon the power they already possess. Readers will learn key steps to taking personal accountability for their position in life, discovering and uncovering their gifts, eliminating distractions, avoiding dream killers, and launching into the purposeful life they've always desired. Ivan, an entrepreneur, celebrity publicist and author has personally launched successful businesses and has helped others to do the same. However, before that was possible, he had to eliminate complacency, get rid of the doubters and haters, and decide that fulfilling his dreams was not optional, but a necessity. Here, he shares valuable wisdom and insight, personal stories and powerful examples of resilience from some of the world's most accomplished and rising individuals.

Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within

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